Barham Downs History Society

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Richard Hooker
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The Barham Downs History Society seeks to encompass life in the past & present of five principal settlements in the area; Adisham, Barham, Bishopsbourne, Kingston and Womenswold, with their associated hamlets and adjoining areas.


This part of the North Downs has an exceptional record preserved in documents, topographic features and remarkable artefacts that demonstrates its continuous participation in the history of the region, county and nation.


Its involvement embraces contributions in literature, as represented in the works of Richard Hooker, Joseph Conrad and the Digges and Oxenden families.


Many military activities including encampments, drilling and war preparations are represented in every historic period from the Bronze Age to beyond the two World Wars.


Sport and recreation also have their own special place in the history of the area, notably cricket, golf, horse racing and motorcycle competitions.