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Dear Members


As the rules/guidance for meetings and events may be settling down while our area stays in the medium category the society is looking at how it might be able to operate for this season. As a trial we are reintroducing the archive mornings at Barham Village Hall on the last Friday morning of the month for October(30th.) and November(27th.) from 10 until 12 noon. Under the government rules and hall regulations as well as being masked there is a maximum number of attendees at any one time so please bear with us if we are fully occupied. We will try to manage such a situation to involve all who wish to participate.


The committee is also looking at what might be arranged “virtually”. Whilst it is not ideal whatever may be possible at least would mean that members could “attend” without having to leave the warmth of their home!


We are also seeking members ideas for small group activities which also may provide a limited level of social contact at a time when, with winter closing in, there will inevitably be reduced opportunities to meet up, especially in the current circumstances. If anyone has any other suggestions do please get in touch.


One member has offered to provide a level of assistance to anyone researching their family history especially if they are facing a particular problem. He can give advice and some level of research where possible through Ancestry. If this would be of assistance please contact me and we will try to help.


The committee are following the evolving regulations closely and inevitably as time goes by there will probably be further relevant developments but we will continue to try to arrange some level of a programme/activity over the winter as well as working with members who wish us to arrange, or support, specific areas of activity.


Sadly, not the brightest note we have been able to communicate but we will do our best under the circumstances.


David Wood

[email protected]

01227 832430