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Black Robin

Carter Family

Digges Family

Frederick (Jack) spaceHeathfield

•Lord Kitchener of spaceKhartoum

•Richard Harris Barham

•Richard Hooker

•Sir Henry Oxenden

•Sir Reginald Fitz-Urse

•Thomas Boulden spaceThomson





History Index


•The Black Mill

•Landmarks (External spaceWebsite)

•Listed Buildings (External spaceWebsite)

•Most Historic Mile of Road in Britain

•Old Village Pubs

•School Log Books

•Development of Local spacePublic Transport

•Villager's Memories







•Barham Aquatic Society

•Barham at War

•Beating the Bounds

•Chronology (Roman to


•Domesday Book

•Golden Jubilee Flower


•Nailbourne 2001 Flood







Famous Visitors

•Anne of Cleves

•Charles V of Germany

•Clementine Churchill

•Countess of Dalkeith

•Duchess of Burgandy

•Duke of Buckingham

•Duke of Wellington

•Eleanor Roosevelt

•Henrietta Maria of


•Isabella of Angouleme

•John Wesley (Probable)

•Julius Caesar

•Kenneth Moore

•King Charles I

•King Charles II

•King Edward IV

•King Henry VI

•King Henry VIII

•King John

•Le Roi Jean

•William the Conqueror

•Winston Churchill

•Wolfgang Amadeus








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